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Published on May 29th, 2014 | by The GC Team


Miele’s Scout RX1 “sets new standards” in robotic vacuum cleaners

Miele’s Scout RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner incorporates a Smart Navigation system that uses the principle of ‘systematic’ navigation but with enhanced electronics and software, which the German brand says makes it a “benchmark” product in terms of navigation capacity.

The system features an integrated gyro sensor that measures and registers the turning movements, with a high-quality digital camera scanning the ceiling of the room several times a minute to ensure precision.

The Scout RX1 also benefits from seven infrared sensors that scan 180 degrees in front of the robovac to avoid collisions, and has a further three sensors beneath to avoid falling off steps. It is claimed to have good traction on all common floor coverings is able to negotiate height differences of up to 2cm.

The Triple Cleaning System has two long rotating side brushes that target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or furniture items and sweep dirt towards the centre of the unit, where a removable beater bar picks up the coarse particles. In the third cleaning stage, a fan transports the finer dust into a removable dust box with 0.6L capacity. An AirClean filter ensures clean air in the room.

Four cleaning programmes comprise Auto Mode, in which the unit travels through all rooms; Spot Mode, intended for a defined area of 1.8m2 maximum; Corner Mode, in which all rooms are cleaned in Auto first before the machine returns to clean edges again; Turbo Mode – the robovac cleans the entire home but will travel in straight lines with greater spacing – cleaning will not be as thorough but will take half as long as in Auto Mode.

According to Miele, the combination of battery charge and life expectancy sets a new standard in the robotic vacuum cleaner market: the Scout RX1 offers non-stop power with rechargeable batteries that last three times longer than other systems and a running time of 120 minutes on full charge for cleaning an area up to 150m2. When cleaning larger areas, the unit pauses as and when needed to return to its base for recharging. Cleaning is automatically resumed after approximately two hours at the point where it was left.

The Scout RX1 can be operated using a remote control or by setting a timer to start and finish at pre-defined times. Rooms or areas to be excluded from cleaning can be cordoned off with a magnetic strip.

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