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Published on July 11th, 2017 | by The GC Team


V-ZUG introduces new “Party Setting” to Adora dishwasher range

Premium domestic appliance manufacturer V-ZUG has launched a new “Party Setting” across its Adora range of dishwashers, which will be available in Adora SL WP and Adora SL Dishwasher models.

 The “Party Setting” offers:

Full Place Service with high-speed rinse to make the dishes ready for use again after just 11 minutes. The Party programme allows the user to run up to five rinse cycles in a row, useful for cleaning large quantities of slightly dirty dishes within a short space of time;

Refresh, which “refreshes” the load every 16 minutes for up to 3 hours if the user is not ready to unload a finished cycle immediately, ensuring it stays clean and fresh until required.

The Adora Dishwasher Collection remains the only dishwasher model to be manufactured with an integrated high-efficiency heat pump, reducing power consumption by almost half.

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