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Published on June 6th, 2017 | by The GC Team


Whirlpool enhances 6TH SENSE Live® connected appliances with IFTTT compatibility

Whirlpool today said it has extended its leadership in the fast-growing Internet of Things by developing IFTTT compatibility for its connected appliances.  

IFTTT is a powerful cloud-based web service that makes it possible for users to connect a wide range of apps, services and products. Whirlpool said it is one of the first appliance manufacturers in Europe to launch appliances that can talk to other apps and connected products.

It has launched three new appliance channels on IFTTT, each offering end users specific capabilities to allow the creation of unique and innovative solutions for home automation.

The new capability enhances Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live® suite of connected household appliances with the ability to communicate with other connected products such as connected thermostats, for example, letting users create specific automated processes and to personalise the experience of the connected home.

Whirlpool has a growing collection of freestanding connected appliances including laundry and refrigeration, with dishwashing and cooking soon to be added.

With IFTTT compatibility, users will be able to simply and flexibly define ways to link their appliances to any of the hundreds of connected devices and services available on IFTTT by creating their own scenarios or ‘Recipes’ as they are described by the cloud-based web service.

Marco Signa, Connectivity Strategy Sr. Manager, Whirlpool EMEA (pictured), said: “Imagine setting your Whirlpool fridge to a low-energy vacation mode and having it automatically tell your thermostat to turn down the heating. Or imagine that your home’s solar energy system tells your washing machine to start a cycle when it is collecting enough power on a sunny day. And what about having your stereo play your favourite party playlist to let you know the wine is chilled.

“When you start to link together different services and products, the combinations are limitless and encompass everything from essential ways to automate daily chores to relatively small things that make the connected home feel more personal, fun and responsive.”

Cloud-based services such as IFTTT, which are already widely supported across the wider eco-system of apps and connected technologies, are seen as the fundamental pillars of an effective and easy-to-use whole home system which will unlock the true value of individual solutions. 

“As more devices become capable of connecting to the rapidly growing Internet of Things, we believe that consumer interest and adoption will depend on having technologies that genuinely help to make life easier and more pleasurable,” said Signa.

“Key to this, is the ability for connected products and services to easily work together to form a home ecosystem.  While the possibilities are very exciting, the burden cannot be on the user to learn to use and connect these technologies. It is the responsibility of leading manufacturers and software companies to break down the barriers and design for seamless and intuitive interoperability and use. This is why Whirlpool has already announced partnerships with other industry leaders including IBM, Amazon and Nest, and why we are taking this initiative still further through IFTTT compatibility.”

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